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We teach Reiki Level I, II and III courses from the Japanese perspective where the initiation process, course information and techniques taught stem directly from Japan.

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The Secret of Reiju

Within the system of Reiki there is a practice called Reiju. Reiju has been translated in English as initiation and/or attunement.

 However the Japanese word Reiju itself holds many secret clues which we often do not find within the English words. These clues are needed to perform and receive a Reiju.

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The New Normal or Reiki Magic

I saw a crow today and it spoke to me. Not in English, of course, but in some universal tongue. The language running like a current beneath the foundation of all that is, linking existences into one pool of wisdom.
It reminded me of 15 years earlier when we lived in Darjeeling, India, and a crow spoke of my daughter’s conception.

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Transforming Life with the Great Death - The Deeper Meaning of Usui’s Mountain Experience

It is said that when Mikao Usui, the founder of the system of Reiki, asked his teacher about his spiritual progress, his teacher said, “You have to die once.” Usui-san took this advice and sat on Mt. Kurama for 21 days to meditate to die once.
Some people suggest that he meant to physically die, but if that were the case it would have been much easier for him to climb Mt. Kurama and jump off a cliff, rather than to sit for a difficult practice for 21 days.
But if it was not the physical death that his teacher pointed to, what kind of death was it then?

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Reiki Healing with People and Animals - are there Differences?

When a loved one is sick, what do you do? Ask where it’s hurting, then ask what you can do to help make it better: maybe offer soup, quiet, or some Reiki?
Depending on the response, together you decide what the best option is, one or ALL of the above. Perfect!
Now say that your loved one is not a human but an animal friend. Even just trying to ask where it hurts adds a level of difficulty to the situation. So often I hear the frustration of people who aren’t sure what’s wrong with their animal friend. Everyone can see that all is not well, but why?

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What is Reiki?

The system of Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice from the early 1900s that supports healing and personal development.

If your interest is in getting back to what was taught in Japan before it hit the West in 1938, eventually becoming associated with the new age movement - then you've come to the right place!

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