NEW 2017 Virtual Reiki Practice Evenings

These are for IHReiki trained practitioners and teachers and their students only. Graduates, tell your students!

In 2017 take part in 12 one-hour LIVE Reiki practice evenings with Frans Stiene. There are 50 places ONLY available in each of these 4 Virtual Practice Sessions.
Bookings will be taken on a first in, first served basis!

If you miss a practice evening, the last recording will be made available at the student website until the following practice evening date.

Book EST USA New York

Book PST USA Los Angeles

Book EST AU Sydney

Book EU London time

If you live in a different region then please choose the most convenient time from one of these 4 regions above.


January 11

February 1

March 15

April 12

May 24

May 31/June 1

July 12

August 9

September 27

October 18

November 8 

December 6


What will I be doing?

Each session will include meditation, reiju, and chanting. There will also be time for questions and student chats. Each practice evening is recorded and kept available for you until next practice evening is recorded, so you will always be able to log in and watch a practice evening class.

How do I call-in?

Calling in is FREE as it is via the internet. You will therefore need a computer with internet access.

Students will access these live video sessions via our student website, the Ki Campus.

When are these sessions?

The fee is for 12 Wednesday sessions spread out over the entire year. 

These sessions are for individuals only, not for groups. However, if you wish to share this experience with your students they are required to book in for the 2017 sessions and will recieve individual login information.

This is a one price event, therefore if you miss a session or wish to sign in to these sessions after they begin in January, there will be no price discount (but you are still welcome to join us at any point).

What do Students' Say?

"Thank you so much for the practice session tonight.  All of it was so beneficial for me.  The hara breathing, chanting and reju made me feel that I gained some personal power back and opened my heart and mind..." - Karen - USA

"Just to let you know that I really enjoyed it tonight. i felt the energy as if we were in the same room together." - Christine - Australia

"Felt a surge of energy when you did the final chant." - Jenny - Australia

"It was a lovely hour.  No need for an internet connection for reiju.  It was lovely all on its own." - Linda - USA

"I was just online with Frans and a lovely group of students for the first East Coast Virtual Practice Evening.  It was a wonderful experience.  I loved the chanting, and that has always been one of my favorite practices.  By the time we were offered Reiju by Frans, I had already felt so much heat I had to take off my sweater.  After the Reiju, I thought I was going to have to switch to a short sleeved tee-shirt.  This was my first experience with a teleconference and it went very well.Thank you to Frans and my fellow students for a great practice evening." - Susan - USA



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