Usui Reiki Ryoho

I am reading this wonderful book by Dainin Katagiri – 'The Light That Shines Through Infinity'. I am not even half way through the book but already can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the Japanese concept of spirituality and how it relates to the system of Reiki.

Within the first few chapters I found these two wonderful quotes:

"Buddhism uses the technical term dharma to describe the functioning of this great original energy. But no matter how long we try to explain dharma. We always fail because it is completely beyond words. Still, even though you cannot explain dharma, it is alive in you, so you can use it to take care of your life. To take care of your life is to burn the flame of life force in everything we do."

"There you discover dharma – real truth. Discovering dharma is the realization of reality: you directly experience pure energy as the core of your own being, and you realize you can always depend on it....That energy gives forth its own light, shining from your whole body…"

Reading these quotes, we could almost say that Dainin Katagiri was talking about the system of Reiki - different paths leading to the same top of the mountain.

Mikao Usui called his teachings Usui Reiki Ryoho.

Reiki = Spiritual Energy
Ryo = to heal or cure
Ho = Dharma or teachings

Thus we can say that Usui Reiki Ryoho is all about the realization of reality, the real truth. When we rediscover this real truth we experience pure energy as the core of our being and this we carry with us in all we do. It is therefore at this stage of rediscovery that we can truly heal ourselves. To point this out in his teachings, Mikao Usui used the mantra Dai Kômyô, great bright light – the energy which gives forth its own light and shines from your whole body.

Dainin Katagiri also points out komyo; "Your true self is not something separated from others; it is interconnected and constantly working with others. Where? Not in your own small territory, it's working in the huge universe! In Japanese, that working is called komyo – light. The functioning energy of the whole world is the light of the self. Because light is working from moment to moment, the whole world constantly manifests itself as the human world. At that time, the whole world is within the light of the self. 

We therefore can say that Usui Reiki Ryoho is all about rediscovering your true self. And at that time of rediscovery we realize that the whole world is within the light of the self.

Dainin Katagiri continues with, "Through the actual practice of being with the true dharma and burning the flame of your life force in whatever you do, you can realize what Shakyamuni Buddha was talking about."

Therefore by looking at the name Mikao Usui gave his teachings, Usui Reiki Ryoho, we see that hands-on healing is only a small part of his teachings and that the real essence of it is rediscovering your true self. Through this rediscovery we carry the flame of our life force in all we do – this is Being Reiki.



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