Super Chanting Event Webclass - everyone welcome

Join Frans Stiene for this SUPER CHANTING EVENT!

What you will do...

Frans will chant the Great Light mantra for an hour and a half. 

You can chant along or enjoy sitting in this space, being open for healing to take place. There will be instructions on how to sit in this open space at the Ki Campus when you book in.

What we will be chanting...

The Great Light mantra is a Japanese esoteric mantra which is often used for healing and empowerment. 

This event will be recorded and will remain available at the Ki Campus for you to enjoy after the event - so don't worry if you can't make the actual event, you can still benefit from it.

Where will it be held...

It will take place online at the Ki Campus. You will receive login details to the Ki campus once you are booked in. Just meet there at the allotted time and you will have a direct video link to Frans. You can join in by microphone and/or video. 

Date & Time

Europe: (Amsterdam) 9th March - 9pm
which is the equivalent to....
USA: (EST) 9th March - 3pm
Australia: (EST) 10th March - 7am 
or check for your timezone.

And, everyone is welcome...

Just $30 US for this 90-minute healing experience. 



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