Frans Stiene is the Keynote Speaker at the New York Reiki Conference 2012

On the 22nd September, Frans Stiene, Senior Teacher at the International House of Reiki, is the Keynote Speaker at the New York Reiki Conference 2012 at the New York Hotel Pennsylvania on 7th Aveue.

The NY Reiki Conference provides a forum for the presentation of Reiki information and experience with a focus on the greater NY region.  It also serves as a networking venue for anyone practicing, affiliated with, or interested in Reiki.

2012 Theme: Mainstreaming Reiki

Reiki is gradually moving into the public domain and is regularly offered at locations such as hospitals, hospice centers, animal shelters and spas.  The 2012 conference will delve into the successes of Reiki expanding into the “real world” as both a practice and a therapy, areas for improvement, history and future potential.   By providing access to experts and practitioners working in the field, with rubber-meets-the-road experiences, the 2012 conference is sure to help anyone wanting to learn more about Reiki and its practical applications.

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  1. by Frans Stiene on July 10, 2012 at 01:19 pm

    Hi All,
    There will be some wonderful speakers, can’t wait to listen to them all.
    Hope to see you all there.

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