Finding Your Inner Guru

Translated by Vinay Kumar and Sundar Kadayam


I found myself inside of me,

This lesson my guru taught to me


Sometimes with words and sometimes in sounds

then explaining to me the meaning of those utterances


I was running like a foolish musk deer

Looking for the scent that it carries inside self


Oh my master, my guru 

I now smile at the state of my mind

I can’t state the extent of my happiness

As though a dumb person that has come into lot of sweets and doesn’t know how to explain


You created 5 palaces inside me

And brightened them with power of knowledge

Why would I want any other treasure

When this unlimited wealth is now mine


As you came into my life, oh guru 

It rid me of my indecision, anger and fear

My naïve and silly mind can now see

Myself within me and I found a “guru” within myself


I want this to happen

That my mind becomes 100 eyes

And I forever see you, my guru, thru those eyes

And the eyes never tire doing that


I set out to find “bad” in others

And I did not find any

But When I looked inside

I found a lot of “bad” in me


Tree doesn’t eat its fruit

Nor does a river drinks its own

There is no one taller (in stature) than my guru

And still he is not like the tree bearing dates

That doesn’t provide any shade and the fruit is too far to be useful for the passer by


Your voice is so sweet

That it touches hearts

My guru’s mouth is fair

Equal in all he does without any discrimination

Like a rope can leave marks on even on a rock when rubbed against it again and again

My guru had me practice and enlightened even my diminished brain


I learnt this from my guru that one can’t wash away the dirt from mind, heart or soul

Like a fish that lives in the water all the time still can’t wash away it’s sea smell


Guru please give me compassion and love

This is what I humbly request of you

To not leave me alone even for a single moment


This lowly un-valuable mind of mine

Kept engaged in worldly pleasures

But When you explained the difference

you unlocked my luck and potential each second


I request you to give me such knowledge

That Anger, fear and anxiety move far far away from me


When I saw the enlightened face of my guru

It was akin to watching Buddha the enlightened one at peace

I lost worldly consciousness and fell into his feet bowing in honor

Offering my whole and discarding any shame or prejudice


I livened up with that touch

When a ray of light fell on me

And I bowed in honor and started to pray

To the godly Buddha the enlightened one like presence


Guru is the one that taught

There is not Big or small

We are all one and just parts of that Godly Buddha like presence


I was reborn but this time with the cover of ego removed from my body


My guru, you have given me this knowledge

Tomorrow is an illusion

And past is a forgotten memory

Whatever IS is in the present and now

Why oh why my silly mind could previously never understand this virtue


I could not see you earlier because of the illusion

Even though you said you were here, you are here too

I said you are near but still too far

You said you were there too and have always been


This is life’s goal

To one day merge with the great light

This is the Buddha like presence the enlightened presence

This is enlightenment


I now see myself

Thru the eyes of my guru

And I find myself each day each moment

As a new being

And find within me my inner teacher (the guru within me)<


How do I thank you my dear guru 

I am indebted to you for all my lives

You carefully molded me, even while pushing and bending me


Like a potter carefully and gently molds his pots on the wheel


I humbly bow in honor

My guru, friend and master Frans

To help me find myself within me


Hindi Version:

Mein nae apnea aap ko

Apnea mein hi paayaa

Mere guru nae mujhae yeh sabaq seekhaaya

Kabhi shabdo mein to kabhi dhawaniyon( sounds) mein

Phir un shabdo kae bhaed batayae

Mein anaadi bhaag rahi thee

Paaglo ki bhanti , us mrig(musk deer) ki bhaanti

Kastoori to meri naabhi mein thee


Oh mere maalik , mere Guru 

Mein apnea mun ki gati per muskaayi

Kahi naa jaayein mujh sae

Mere sukh ki maheema

Jaesin googga ( dumb) Gud khaayae

aur ussae kaha naa jaayein

Mere dil mein 5 mahel banaakae

Aap nae unmaein gayaan kae Deepak jalaayein

Kyoun mein chaahoo aur koi bhi khaazaana

Jub yeh beshoomaar ( unlimited) daulat( wealth)

Aab mujh mein samaayii

Mere zindigi mein aayein oh mere guru

Bhaag gaayii saaree doovidha , gussa , der

Mera naadaan aur murkh( stupid) mun

Dhaekhnae laga aab , khud ko

Aapnae hi aander , paaya menein

Apnea hi “guru” ko , apnea hi aander 

Chaahtee ho mein ,

Ban jaayein mera mun

Sou( 100) aankhaein,

Phir un aankho sae sada hi

Daekho Guru mein aap ko

Kabhi bhi naa thakhae meri aankhae

Mein chali thee khojnae bura

Mujhae mila na bura koi

Jub jhaakha mun kae ander

To pata chala , mujhsae bura naa koi

Paed kabhi phal nahi khaata

Nadi na peeti neer( water)

Merae Guru sae “unchaa” nahi koi

Phir bhi who nahi koi paed khajoor

Jismaein chaaya nahi

Phal lagein aati dour

Aap ki vaadi madhur hein

Jo dilo ko chouti hein

Mera Guru mukh kae samaan hein

Khan Paan dono mein ek

Kaerein na koi bhaed

Jaesin rassi baar baar aati jaati

Pathar pae , chode nishaan

Baar baar abhyaas kaaraaya

Mera mand deemang bana sujaan ( knowledgable)

Mujhae yeh shikhsaa mili Guru sae

Mun, dil aur aatmaa kii maeil ,

dhooltee nahi kabhi

Jaesin muchali rahein paani mein

sub sameyin,Jaayein na uskae tan ki boo

Prem bhagti( compassion and love) guru dae do

Kerti ho mein bineeti aap ki

Pal bher kae leyein bhi naa chodo

Keval yaehi hein bintee meri

Yeh neech /tuch mun rama raehta thaa

maaya mein her dum

Aap nae yeh bhaed bata ker

mujh murakh kae bhaag jagaa diyae

pal pal

hey guru mein kero yeh bintii

aaesii do bhoodhi mujhe

krodh( anger) , bhayein( fear) aur chintaa

ho jaayein dour dour mujh mein

jub daeki menein chavi Guru ki

buddha savroop thaa woh roop

sudh budh kho di mein

gir padi kadmo mein aur

huaii nutmustak mein

ker dii ap nae ko samarpad,

chode ker laaj aur sharum.

Mein jii uthaee , paa ker who sparsh

jub ek kiran padi Mujh per

aur mein ho gayi nat mastak

aur kernae lagi mein vandana

uss “divya” Buddha savroop ki

Guru nae yeh gyaan diya

Koi nahi bada na chotha

Hum sub hein ek ki

Uss Buddha sawroop kae

Aansh !

Mein phir sae lae lee janum

Aur ho gayi ghamand ki

Chamdi shareer sae alag

Mere guru, aapnae

yeh diya hein,Gyaan mujhae

Kal ek chalaawaava ( illusion) hein

Aur jo beet gaya who ek beesri yaad

Jo hein who hein aaj mein aur abhi mein

Yeh murakh mun kyon na

Samajh paayaa yeh gun( virtue) pehlae


Mein iss chalaavae mein

Naa daekh paayi aap ko

Guru aap nae kaha mein to

Yehi thaa , mein to yaha bhi ho

Mein na kaha aap paas ho lekin phir bhi bahut dour

Aap nae kaha mein waha bhi ho ,

aur hamesha sae hi ho

yey hi hein jeevan ka udaesh ( goal)

samaa jaana hein hum sub ko

ek din isse mahaan roshni mein

yeh hein “ hamaara Buddha savroop”

yeh hi hein “Bodhisattva”

Mein yaha khud ko daeko

Apnea guru ki aankho sae

Apnea aap ko hi mein paaoo

Her din her pal

Ek nayein hi sawroop mein

Aur paaoo mein ,Apnea ander hi

Apnea “anter guru”( inner teacher) ko

Kaesi kero mein

Aapka dhanyawaad , preyin Guru , 

Ho gayi mein junum junum ki karazdaar

Aap nae mujhae her din parkha aur moda , taroda

Jaesin ek kumhaar dhaalae bartun her din

Mein ho nat mustak , shradha sae

Guru, dost,maalik( master), Frans

Apnea aapko , aapnae mein paanae kae leyein…!



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  1. by Nikki Albert on July 21, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    Beautiful Seema.  Thank you for sharing your learnings with us.  We are a very blessed to have you teaching us!

  2. by Puja on July 22, 2013 at 12:10 am

    Beautiful picture of a Guru .Seema is my teacher :) .In last few months I have have seen seema going deeper in the practice and teaching us at deeper level then we started with her . She always talk about her teacher Frans . I hope to also learn from my teacher ‘s teacher .

  3. by karen on July 22, 2013 at 03:37 pm

    i loved the poem you wrote Seema… it was very inspirational , beautiful.. and shows your devotion to your teacher so wonderfully. it came from your heart with such gratefulness.
      very nice…. karen

  4. by seema on July 22, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    Thank you Frans, for posting, love the little seedling picture too. Yes, it’s a seedling which is now coming from the seeds you sowed some time ago 
    I want to thank Sunder and Vinay for translating the poem, it’s a long story but after writing and rewriting finally I was able to finish it. They did a great job in keeping the spirit of Hindi poem. I feel so special that my poem was translated 
    I want to take this opportunity to first discuss the poem from my point and how it came about and then talk little about what spiritual “Guru” means in Hindu culture, as this is what I am familiar with. I will try to keep it simple and hope kosher.
    I have written a poem after 21 years, never felt the need nor was able to pen down words. It all started when I came 2 years ago to Ihreiki blog searching in information for my classes and then last year finally I had gathered the courage to really go out of my comfort zone and started digging and asking, just like the musk deer in the poem. I started taking lesson from Frans and he explained me how I should start with meditating on symbol and precepts and then he explained the meaning, just like in the poem. The more I went deeper the more I found deeper layers inside of me, it was like finding a gold mine. I was finding a new Gem every day , slowly my anger , worries started to get better , people around me , my family, work , patients ( I am an Occupational Therapist) every one found me as a new person. I found that not only I am more aware of my feelings I was more aware of other people’s feelings. In this process, I have send some days as many as 5-10 or more emails to Frans asking, confirming and sometimes even complaining! What all that mean and why. Frans explained everything some time by being firm, sometimes being flexible to me, always there to help and grow. We did meditations as well and healing and teaching session. Every time no matter what there was an interconnection never was a disconnection. Lot of memories from childhood came and felt like writing poems again! I knew it was no coincidence but it was because of the Reiki practice that I have been doing that I am finding myself again. Great feeling was that. I had several amazing Meditation/Reiju sessions with Frans (all distant) and last one I had I felt I have seen GOD in front of my eyes. It was just amazing! So, this how I came up with this poem which is only a glimpse of my extra ordinary experience, everything is real no fiction in it.
    July 22 nd is Guru Purina day, In Hindu culture it’s a very important festival for spiritual Gurus and their students. I feel so good this post came at this time! Will, talk a little about that. What is the meaning of Guru? Guru is a Sanskrit word. There are lot of interpretation of this word, some says “gu” means darkness “ru” means destroyer so the one who destroys darkness and brings light. Some says it means who has achieved the perfection or enlightment or the one who sheds enlightment over the illusions. Another one is “gu” means which is beyond qualities, and the syllable ‘ru’ is that beyond forms; By the abandonment of qualities and forms, guru is thus defined ,and so many more , but all point out to same thing one that helps you to bring enlightenment and knowledge inside you.
    The Indian perspective says that the aim of human life is to grow by inner and outer experience till man realizes his spirit, becomes divine in knowledge, in will and in the joy of his being. In the course of achieving this transforming experience, the guru holds a special place. The guru-disciple interaction touches deep and regressed layers of the two main features of the relationship, surrender of the shishya or student and intimacy with the guru. Real teaching is believed to occur when the disciple has disciplined himself and is tuned to the wavelength of the guru. Basically, Guru brings a complete transformation of the student, inside /out.
    “The grace of the guru is like an ocean. If one comes with a cup he will only get a cupful. It is no use complaining of the niggardliness of the ocean. The bigger the vessel the more one will be able to carry. It is entirely up to him.”
    ~~Ramana Maharshi~~

    Guru is the expression of Enlightenment, pure knowledge, the field of all possibilities, and the field of infinite correlation.
    ~~Maharishi Mahesh Yogi~~
    This festival Guru purnima is celebrated on full moon, in honor of great Guru Vyaas who wrote 4 vedas and 18 puranas the Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagavata. On this day all gather and worship Vyaas to honor him after taking early bath. This is the good time and day for starting spiritual lessons by disciples / students
    In the past, wandering spiritual masters and their disciples used to settle down at a place to study and discourse on the Brahma Sutras composed by Vyasa, and engage themselves in Vedantic discussions.
    During the course of day, people do fasting, chanting, meditate on Guru Forum, offer prayers and worship to their Gurus.
    In Guru Gita it says—
    Dhyaana moolam guror murtih;
    Pooja moolam guror padam;
    Mantra moolam guror vakyam;
    Moksha moolam guror kripa
    Which means—
    “The Guru’s form should be meditated upon; the feet of the Guru should be worshipped; his words are to be treated as a sacred Mantra; his Grace ensures final liberation”.
    Lot of people, observe the vow of silence and study the books or writings of your Guru, or mentally reflect upon his teachings. Take fresh resolves on this day, to tread the spiritual path in accordance with the precepts of their Guru.
    It said that best form of worship of the Guru is to follow his teachings, to shine as the very embodiment of his teachings, and to propagate his glory and his message.”
    So, if you see that significance of Guru had a sacred significance and supreme importance in Hindu culture and it’s still kept alive. They still pay homage year after year this ancient concept of the Guru. Still they re-affirms its belief and allegiance to it. For, the true Indian knows that the Guru is the only guarantee for the individual to transcend the bondage of sorrow and death, and experience the Consciousness of the Reality.
    They also talk about qualities of student-
    1. Sradha or Faith—Opens the channel for accepting knowledge from the Guru. Undivided attention, commitment and discipline.
    2. Bhakti / Devotion to teacher
    3. Jijnasu / Desire to learn
    Qualities Sishya/ student and Guru
    Student - Learns to let go his own likes/dislikes. Grows in emotional maturity. Recognizes different dimensions of teacher.
    Guru. A role model… Teaching is not restricted to class room. “Oral tradition” Verbally transmitted knowledge with no writing. Learning by demonstrated values of teacher.

    I find it so much similar to the system of Reiki, a spiritual healing, where you attain enlightenment and find your true self by walking the path shown by your teacher –“Guru”. One has to have trust in the system, teachings/ methods, himself/herself and the “Guru”.
    That’s why , I feel when one start to teach system of Reiki or when you learn the system of Reiki from a spiritual point as it was meant to be one needs to think if they are really a clear vehicle , are they good role model and doing counties practice on themselves. How can one except to bring all these great changes in their students and clients when one themselves have not walked in that path? Similarly how a student can expect to learn with no effort what so ever. Spirituality does not come in a platter even in this modern world! It is not just an exchange of few pieces of paper it is much more than that. Time has changed but they are still the same if one wants to practice and learn the spiritual healing like Reiki. It does come with practice, trust, desire, effort, persistence and it’s a life long journey where one hold hands with his/her teacher to find their inner self and wisdom to attain the enlightenment.
    There is a great poet in India called Kaber he has written-
    When the lord and guru
    Are both standing before me?
    Whom should I salute first?
    Guru first because it is he who helped
    Me to know God”

    This is my homage to Guru Vyaas and My Guru teacher “Frans” on this day of Guru Purnima. Thank you for everything for all that you do for all of us!

  5. by seema on July 22, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    Nikki: Thank you , you guys inspire me every day to learn more m without you I will be incomplete :)

    Puja: yes , we are talking about. After you guys will do some practice , and when Frans have time we can set up session :-)

    Karen: Thank you for kind words , glad it was inspiring. I feel the same when I read every time :-)

    Love and Hugs

  6. by Sundar Kadayam on July 23, 2013 at 06:19 pm

    Hi Seema, your heartfelt outpouring in your poem speaks loud and clear about your veneration, love and gratitude for your guru.  Thanks for sharing that.  In your comments, you have further elaborated on the guru-student relationship and the importance of the guru in the Hindu tradition.

    For those interested in this topic of the importance of the guru to the spiritual aspirant, I wanted to share a bit more information ...

    For me, the importance of the “guru” in Hindu tradition is best captured by this incredible, ancient Sanskrit poem called “Guru Paduka Stotram” (literally “the chant of my Guru’s sacred feet”, as I understand it).  It was authored by the incredible Adi Sankara (aka Adi Sankaracharya), the enlightened master who expounded on Advaita (non-duality), and revitalized Hindu tradition in the process in his time, 1200+ years ago.

    The lyrics to his amazing poem is here (with English transliteration + meaning):

    Here is a most awesome rendition in audio form, in this blog post:

    BTW: As you read the blog post, in the first link above, you might have noticed that it is about a concept that Frans teaches, and that is of, “becoming the mantra”, i.e. In Reiki parlance, “becoming CKR”, “become SHK” etc.  And in the blog post link, the Guru Paduka Stotram is used as an example for this.  If you want to soak in the power of this chant, in meditation for 1-hour, here’s a link to that same chant in a 1-hour format:

    As Seema points out in her comment above, those of us who have taken to teaching or sharing Reiki, have the responsibility of having to walk the walk that we want to share, through our own investment in ever-deepening-practice.  That is what the enlightened master Usui-san offered his students, and what Frans is offering his students today.  Inspired as such by these examples, how can we aspire to anything lesser?

  7. by seema on July 24, 2013 at 05:23 am

    Thank you Sunder for sharing much more detailed meaning and teachings related to Guru /Student relation and its correlation with system of Reiki .Thank you for sharing the “Guru Padoka srotam” by Adi Sankaracharya , he is well known for his enlightening teachings among Hindu’s and also little description of how to “embody” the mantra which is something Frans keep telling us.

    I would like to add here some more of my own feelings and thoughts. If we see all say the same thing . I think here we are mistaken , we are trying to learn a spiritual healing and trying to change it ? how can all of those enlightened people with great wisdom can be wrong ? Do we really think that by doing a weekend class and by adding and diluting the system we can truly embrace the spirituality?

    I think we as Reiki teachers have a great responsibility it is especially true for the new teachers I think ( I myself is a new teacher). It is not easy to “set in ” the system of “real world” and at a business aspect where everyone is looking for a deal without the effort and without knowing what they getting into.
    I would like to share with everyone a recent very “interesting and enlightening” conversation I had with a potential reiki student. She wanted to know what I teach and what the “package cost” :). When I talked to her found out she didn’t had any experience with any reiki session herself, her main thing is she wanted to learn Reiki in least amount of money in least amount of time so she can set out to heal herself and others and she wanted to know “package cost”. also she didn’t wanted to drive 30 min to my place to learn, wanted me to drive up there. I very patiently explained her that their 3 levels depending on what one need is but I don’t teach all 3 levels and defiantly not until one has practiced enough in level 1 . I highly encouraged her to come to my reiki meets and experience a reiki session free of charge , talk to my students and see if that is something she wants to do and if she “likes” what I teach.I am yet to hear from her as I hear someone told her she can get a certificate in much less money and days with no “rules” attached to it !. I think this is where we need to draw a line and should stay true our selves and what our teacher has taught us. NOT to compromise , don’t temper with the teachings, be true to your belief. If you start to make changes because you get curbed by the pressure of what “others” are doing , it will be like what I think would be like this—we will keep adding liquor to the pure divine water to add a zing and pretty soon it will all liquor with nothing to drink !!. I think what is needed is a revolution and we are the one who needs to bring that change. Mahatma Gandhi has said -“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Its high time we not kid ourselves and take forward these traditional original teaching’s in its pure form and stay true to our selves, our practice, our teacher and his teachings.
    Frans has been doing for 15-16 years and he must have gotten into pit holes and having to stand for himself what he believes in. These things don’t come overnight.” precept teaches us -“Be true to your way and your being”.

    Like Sunder pointed out “That is what the enlightened master Usui-san offered his students, and what Frans is offering his students today.  Inspired as such by these examples, how can we aspire to anything lesser? “

    We are so fortunate that in this age and time we have teacher like Frans who is bringing these teachings to us so we can get benefited by them and it is our responsibility and duty to ourselves , Teacher and Usui -San to take it forward !!

    P.S.I also want to add here -Sundar , I always feel inspired by your writings and look forward to them. You yourself have written a wonderful prose on your own journey with Frans in 5 parts. Very inspiring !

  8. by seema on July 24, 2013 at 05:34 am

    Your teacher “Guru” is your “outer Guru” to connect you to your “inner Guru”  and they both are if I can say in mathematical terms “directly proportional to each other , meaning the more you embody your “outer Guru” and his” teachings” , the more you will be closer to your “inner Guru” and the more you are closer to your “inner Guru” , your true self the more you can help yourself and people around you without fear, worry , anger etc.

  9. by Frans Stiene on July 24, 2013 at 09:18 am

    Hi Seema,
    Yes it is all about finding our own inner guru, thai is really what all the teachings of old are about.
    The inner guru, wisdom and compassion, is symbolized within the system of Reiki as the great bright light, DKM symbols/mantra in level III.

  10. by seema on July 25, 2013 at 01:15 am

    Hi Frans,
    Yes, that is what lot of people miss. They feel that after they have the “instant attunement” with the “money” can buy , they really do not need to do anything and really do not need any further learning/teaching etc. etc. This is the reason I think people start to feel that Reiki does not work and they need to put “add ons” , crystals , etc. etc. Recently , some one said to me , she is a Aura reader, that she really wants to learn reiki level 1 and 2 from me because what she learned a number of years ago was all “black” , it does not work . I discussed with her about ” black and white” :-)
    Some thing funny and really sad is people do not really know what system of Reiki is—recently I did a contest on FB page for a free 30 min. distant healing for anyone who fill in the blank ” Secreat of happiness is .....  , I had some winners. Incidently one was from Australia , she said please let me know what do i need to do , I am in austarlia and i am egerly waiting for my ” Reiki reading ” !! . ( she was a reguler poster on my page) . I calmly explained to her there is no such thing called Reiki reading and its for Reiki distant session, explained little about that and also directed her to ihreiki site for further information. Few min. later she replied ” oh yes I knew about that , sorry , I will be in touch” Never heard back from her :).
    Frans, there is lot of misconception going on, I do not know what peolple are “Selling” in name of Reiki. It is crazy.It is like hitting a wall, I hope if we all keep hitting some thing will happen ( you wrote this in protection blog).

    It is so much important that we need to be true to ourselves and find the right teacher for path , its for our own good. Not to change us or make ourselves “billitle” but to impower ourselves. Its all there right in front of us.

  11. by Frans Stiene on July 25, 2013 at 09:30 am

    Hi Seema,
    All we can do is be an example and see what happens. :-)

  12. by seema on July 25, 2013 at 10:42 am

    Hi Frans ,
    Yes we can only be the example :)

  13. by Frans Stiene on July 25, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    For me the real guru is emptiness, void, non-dual space. This is the space in which there is wisdom and compassion, our true self. Which means when I connect to a guru I need to see myself and the guru from this perspective.

  14. by seema on July 31, 2013 at 03:30 am

    Thank you Frans,
    I am still trying to understand the meaning of this, seems it has so many layers.It is almost like if you follow the 5 elements of Reiki just the way they are , it is same as learning from the teacher based on those elements , meaning teacher and teachings are one. To me that brings a profound healing in itself many layers of teaching, learning.

  15. by seema on December 06, 2013 at 03:52 pm

    Thank you Frans ,
    For showing the way .
    after all these months reading this poem again seem to bring a inner healing with new deeper meanings..
    Love what you wrote in this post yesterday about Precepts and secret blessings—
    “Its secret because it is hidden inside us.It is like looking externally for a secret treasure and only to realize that it has always been hidden inside of you.”
    Seem when I wrote this poem I had such a superficial understanding and you just opened up a deeper layer in this poem , its amazing that to “receive” the healing from it even after all these months but only deeper and that too from what I wrote.

    Thank you once again for helping me “find my inner guru”

  16. by Alice Risemberg ~ Reiki Pulse on December 07, 2013 at 05:47 am

    Beautiful, Seema, thank you. I got caught up in all the rich information in the comments, but with limited time today, I didn’t want to forget to say that!


  17. by Seema Sahoo on December 07, 2013 at 09:02 am

    Hi Alice,
    Thanks , It was really nice talking to you this afternoon. Like you had said then , when we start to internalize the system of Reiki , things start to make sense and as soon as you think you got it , you “bump” into another deeper layer . Such an amazing journey and I say with “pleasant pains” :)

  18. by Seema Sahoo on December 08, 2013 at 03:14 am

    Just read this - ”  “I have found that if you let a poem sit around long enough, you come to see and hear it better,”— by Snyder . I find this so true , after I write some thing after some time seems the soul of the “poem” comes out so much clear.. just love this quote.
    He says a poem is never finished ...I think that’s why poems are so healing so meditative. I think one doesn’t really have to be a poet to enjoy this aspect , we can just read and listen and connect…
    Gary Snyder is a beat generation poet have spent 40 years on “Mountains and Rivers Without End,” his epic poem about Zen Buddhism, Native American mythology and man’s connection with nature.
    here there is a nice interview on his release of the newest edition of “Mountains and Rivers,” and how nature, politics and religion shape his poetry.

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